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Harmony Village was founded in May 2021 by Liz Handley.  Liz was inspired to connect like-minded individuals in a time when human connection was being threatened. Connecting humans who embrace and support nature and natural health approaches, individual health choice, and a sense of growing their inner freedom are primary goals of Harmony Village.

The Harmony Village community has since grown to over 400 members.  Our team of 5 co-creators initiate regular in-person gatherings, including potlucks, book clubs, music performances, classes, and holiday events.  We also support in-person meet-ups initiated by community members.  

As we watch our community bonds grow, we hope to raise the energetic vibration among us, which can create a ripple effect out into the world. 

Circle photo.png

Gathering circle at our May In-Person Meetup and One Year Birthday Celebration

Image credit: Norman Chow

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